Friday, May 3, 2013

Wedding On The Riverside

A marriage celebration on the banks of the Kings.

Hard to find anything wrong with that.

Joining the campers in the early afternoon.

Children enjoying the shallow splashing in the sand.

Coffee and shade by the water's edge.

Bright sunlight reflecting off the cottonwood falling like shimmering snow upon the water showing the slow creeping currents.

Warm hearts drift slowly on the breeze.

Gals getting dolled up while last minute saunas and showers are had at a rush.

Gatherings and embraces.

Stories and laughter.

Music and dancing and late night saunas while the children sleep soundly in their tents.

Better get to the bar the Queen says with a growl, or off with your head!

So Cheers to Alicia and Bobby.

Cheers to a long happy life together.

And to many lazy days by a river fit for gracious royalty.


  1. LOOOOVE it!!! make sure to keep your dancing shoes on when I am around;) So glad y'all made it!!!- Alicia