Friday, March 20, 2015

An Endurance of Equinoxes

Fast asleep from the lack there of
Instantly dreaming of driving through a northern woods
Under a bridge quickly to a steep climb
Too steep as the engine slugs to a crawl
Body and foot lean forward on wheel and pedal
As if to tilt the balance upward
Engine slowing and then a voice

Say something as to awaken
Hear my dream and tell me of the same
Simultaneous thoughts of your father
On freshly fixed bike engine that fails
While driving up a steep hill
Comes to a slow sputtering stop
Before the beast has to be laid over

Two minds walking together
On one slope of space and time
Of steepening hills covered in heather
And the mountains we are to climb

Like the buds that spring eternal
The oaths hold as winter snows melt to flowing waters

Doubts thrown upon the fire
Are quickly rejected back skyward
With smoke as accompanying notes
Lifted above the mountains
To the starry skies above

Love and the everlasting flame
Faith and the relentless reassurances of wonder
With an endurance of equinoxes

Perseverance easily endeavored
As the boundless emerges from whispers
Like raindrops in a perilous drought

For Lu

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Civil War Reenactment at Mooney Grove Park

Went with my dad and my daughter last weekend to a Civil War reenactment at the local park. We were too late for the battle, but we still got to see some pretty cool setups and gear and some nice folks who like to talk about it.