Monday, April 13, 2015

A Quick Tea with The High Brass

Had a couple of hours to get out to the woods. Took my new Adventure Sworn and High Brass Leather out for a quick test run. I must say I am very pleased with both! Really like the firesteel necker and various carry options. And the knife, well, it's just perfect. Real quality with both these tools. But I'll let the pictures do the talking. Shot a quick video too.

                                              Available in 720hd

Old skin and older Earth elements
Combine to form new visions from illuminations
Ancient wood wrapped around new ideas
Like a fresh hewn cabin in the forest

The sure purchase of textured canvas in the hand
Together with the greens and golds of springtime in drought
Lend themselves to the worthy pursuits
To slow down with the humbling breeze

Where families congregate once more
In the new light of Easter mornings
Their hopes strung out like dew upon the grasses
And revelations shine through new leaves upon the oaks

To revel in the grand gift of time upon the rock
Brought forth from resurrections of long ago
To contemplate among the washed worn boulders
And enjoy a quick tea with the high brass