Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hidden Woodsmen Haversack and the Mother Canteen Carrier Dayhike Kit

Here's a video of an idea for a dayhike kit that I'm currently liking utilizing a Hidden Woodsmen Haversack, a Mother Canteen Carrier from Centerline Systems, and a Condor Dump Pouch, all attached to a Condor Battle Belt.

Mostly this would be used when I'm backpacking as a dayhike kit to hike around and then return to camp. My thought was to take enough stuff with me away from camp to be able to last a few days if something were to go wrong, say surviving a bad fall and not being able to be too mobile. This kit would allow me to set up camp and wait until help would possibly come. The goal is to make it home at any cost. Like they say, better to be prepared eh?

Video gets a little out of focus in the middle, but comes back in eventually. Guess I'm still trying to figure out all this camera work haha. Enjoy

Hidden Woodsmen Haversack

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Oregon - Video Added

Oregon video added here and original two posts back.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


In the hospital hallway an oil painting
Of a plant and pears
Scattered on a patio table

Still life in muted sunlight

Sipping tall chai tea
Inner courtyard outside
Surrounded by windows
Finch eating under my feet

Reading poems written down on rocks and trees
By old Chinese legends
Telling tales of cold mountain trails
And waiting with the moon

A man brings water in a pitcher
Pours upon the potted plants
It seeps through the dark soil
And leaks out upon the tiles

I get up to go back
The door opens automatically in front of me
Before I can reach the handle
Caught off guard again
Inside all seems foreign

On the monitor screen
Mountains and valleys form endlessly
Everflowing in peaceful succession
Waiting for their stories to be written

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Oregon of greens and golds
Of summer rains and unfurled folds
Of crested peaks and heavy snows
Of biting winds and sand that blows

Of desert lands with crumbled rock
To the blue mountains and hardy stock
Of foggy shores with velvet fern
To Astoria with bow and stern

And in those days a driving through
As trees a blur and worries few
Along the road a traveled on
Past endless forests gazed upon

Past rivers' wide unending view
With gentle banks and crossings few
Waters here hold center stage
Their words spelled out across the page

Past Shasta's mount and wonderland
Into the meadows from God's hand
By Klamath Lake we roll along
To glory in the Bend of song

One sister lost, two sisters found
Three Sisters rise above the ground
And on to dams and bridges built
Where waters swirl and worlds tilt

We make past Dayton's quilted hills
As afternoon sunlight spills
To Potlatch barns and Coeur D'alene
Pastoral scenes that still remain

Past the lands of Nez Perce
Through Lookout Pass Montana way
To Helena's blankets of snow
Where night's as soft as candle glow

Back to Sandpoint's frozen sky
Through ghosted trees we float on by
Where whitetails bounce by Curlew Lake
We gather together for goodness sake

To the west and Puget Sound
Along the coast and back on down
And back and forth and round and round
Where rainforest springs and falls abound

Up to Eugene town we go again
For time with traveled friends we spend
To center square wares bought and sold
And rustic comfort in houses old

So many mountains and so much green
So many memories and so much seen
Thank God my paths of days so long
Took me on the trails of Oregon