Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gossman Knives WSK Review

A short while ago I had a chance to test out a new model from Scott Gossman of Gossman Knives. This is his version of a WSK style blade which he let 10 of us play with in a passaround. Big thanks goes out to Scott for that. There's more explanation in the video, so check that out if you wish. Best played in HD 720 and LOUD! lol

Friday, August 7, 2015

Wife's First Backpacking Trip

The girls wanted to accompany my buddy and me on our recent trip. The movie Wild may or may not have had some influence in them wanting to join us this time. So we thought we would keep it simple since this being the ladies first time into the backcountry for an overnighter and all. 2 miles and 500 ft elevation gain to Mystery Lake in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness. It was the easiest we could find within reach and that still allowed campfires without the full on fire ban as in other local areas.

I think going with friends helped in all having a good time. On the way in, the ladies showed great skill and determination to show off their highly tuned bush skills in sarcasm and wit as the two of them plotted our deaths for "making" them do this  Gotta keep your wits up if you're going to make it ya know. Luckily I am still alive to tell the tale.

Gave me a good chance to play with Gossman Knives's WSK knife while I had it during the pass-around. There's a little footage of it here, but I'll do more of a review later.

Available in HD 720

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