Friday, August 7, 2015

Wife's First Backpacking Trip

The girls wanted to accompany my buddy and me on our recent trip. The movie Wild may or may not have had some influence in them wanting to join us this time. So we thought we would keep it simple since this being the ladies first time into the backcountry for an overnighter and all. 2 miles and 500 ft elevation gain to Mystery Lake in the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness. It was the easiest we could find within reach and that still allowed campfires without the full on fire ban as in other local areas.

I think going with friends helped in all having a good time. On the way in, the ladies showed great skill and determination to show off their highly tuned bush skills in sarcasm and wit as the two of them plotted our deaths for "making" them do this  Gotta keep your wits up if you're going to make it ya know. Luckily I am still alive to tell the tale.

Gave me a good chance to play with Gossman Knives's WSK knife while I had it during the pass-around. There's a little footage of it here, but I'll do more of a review later.

Available in HD 720

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  2. You survived, they survived, and there are smiles in the last pic - sounds like a success! It's hard to look at those lake vistas and not be a little envious of that clear water and rocky lake bed. Beautiful country there.

  3. Looks real good, man!
    Awesome outing.

  4. Great pictures! It looks like a terrific trip.

    Did you make any special preparations/allowances for the first-timers? Do you think the ladies would do it again?

    - Steve

  5. Thanks Steve. No special allowances other than I kept my wife's pack under 20 lbs. I think this trip enabled the ladies to see what backpacking is really about in that it is sort of a form of self inflicted torture of sorts. Big payoffs, but you go through this thing that allows you to find out what kind of pain your body and mind can handle in the process. Just got to catch them on the right day to go again I guess. It was an easy trail as far as the High Sierra's go, but there were some difficulties along it none the less.