Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Giant Sequoia

What grandeur splendid views avail
What aspirations humble and ease
Where time and space begin to fail
Where the wills of men cannot please

There are giants among us who dwell in the land
From thickets and brambles and unshackled chains
His spirit pours forth from vessels at hand
Cobbled together in their glacier-side remains

I imagine the Lord in all His divine
Pounding and beating within their mass
Resounding deep rumblings through roots intertwine
Which lace these hills and hold steadfast

Beaming essence of life throughout their ways
Saying "Thrive and here ye shall stand for ages!"
And they respond in awe with their grace
Adhering as to the words written on pages

Their hearts of blood deep purple never grey
Surrounded by the gold under furrowed pelts
Shining as the first rays of the day
That glows and burns bright through snow that melts

To emanate the golden rose of heaven bound dreams
Held captured above the forest floor
The faithful devout in their humble means
Of millenniums among the wilderness of yore

Oh the gift upon them bestowed
Of hot irons forged in spirit's helm
Their protected groves not worn nor exposed
As crosses necklaced across their realm

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tracker Shanty

(Best sung in your salty sea vocals.......Just having some fun here folks)

I wandered along the shore one day
In a haze from the night that past
Me money was spent and none for rent
Thought I was not sure to last
Was then I saw stuck in the sand
The glory that was to be
I plucked it out and held it about
The look unknown to me

So stow me away this jolly lock blade
Until further along the shore
I then happened upon a salty sea spawn
Weathered as the cliffs of lore
He looked at me and gave a grin
Said he knew of this here knife
Said look to the ones who don't tally and run
For they'll surely to change your life

With truth and light and all that's just
They ride tall upon the tide
Above the schools in shallow pools
Where none can run and hide
Among the craggy rocks gather
The barnacles and bedlam
They make for land with guided hand
Black flags flying above them

They sail along lost coasts of fate
Where ghost ships roll with dread
Be not ye caught where ye be naught
Lest the Kraken do drown your head
Oh they'll tell you about that blade of theirs
To put rest any a doubt
How it split a brick and a curled toothpick
Nary a job was left without

Oh there is one blade in all the land
They say to rule them all
Yet some say nay and keep at bay
Content to see it fall
'Till when they see the three edged tool
Play tricks upon the mind
With the trimmings unfurled and the shavings curled
Sight is blessed upon the blind

With sawback stouts upon its spine
Like dark waves upon the sea
Draped in black along its back
Expand the possibility
And when others believe the harm it will do
With all of its coatings and armor
They will see the proof or trampled under hoof
To be fertilize for the farmer

Oh Go with peace and Do with soul
And lead fool hearty not temptation
With the spirit to call above the fall
And the will for contemplation
Let it be known and let it be stated
On that day whatever may be'ith
Be ye of proper wit and let it be writ
That upon your head bequea'th