Friday, February 28, 2014

Under the Delta Skies

Summer in the Alaskan interior
Is like a long, lazy afternoon
Where the sun lingers in the sky
With the fervor of eternity

Long life and the everlasting
Internal energy recycled and rejuvenated
Flowing like waves in an ever increasing tide
All throughout the immortal daylight
Put to rest only by the once a week all day rains

Where time washes away
No wristwatch
Before cell phones
No clock upon the wall

The endless summer of life at 21
Spent amongst the far northern boreal
Forest and creek side and swampland
Beaming and brimming with energy

Aspen make themselves known first
Appearing on the edges and borders
Leaves dancing in the summer breeze
Illuminating muted sunlight
From within each flickering pale green flame

Two horses picketed along the edge
I'd walk by a dozen times or more
One all white as the aspen
The other white with the golden hair of sunshine

How friendly and content they seemed
Grazing grasses and herbs
On the edge of the forest
As the aspen enjoyed the wind's eases

In the muted light of the understory
Labrador tea mixed fragrance with rose hips
Proudly they cantilevered above
Thick carpets of sphagnum so soft to the step

Occasionally a moose would run through
Crashing down trees in its escape
Seeming to run in fear
Of my footfalls along the path

Deeper in spindly black spruce
Mixed in with contrast
Sometimes forming darkening thickets
Where mosquitoes buzzed ferociously

There they would hide from the wind
And shunning the never ending light
They would gang up for a drink
Constant as the sun in the sky

Friday, February 14, 2014


Resting regal at the top of the totems
With her crown of gold and wintery robes
Of silvery armor as hard as ice
That keeps the rest of the world at distance

Armor that shimmers brilliance under the western sun
Locking in the frigid cold of the north
As the heat of the south surrounds her walls
Knocking harder with each passing year

Occasionally she'll hold conference
With the chiefs of the east
Signing treaties of faith and abundance
Which she is praised without end for

As she is the ice queen of the world
In all her majesty and mysticism
Conjuring rough hewn visions of freedom for some
And spells of death for the unworthy

The naysayers who broke their treaties
Who barged in riding fast with guns blazing
Showing their true selves in the low rising light
Only to be shown no mercy at their ignorance

For death comes quickly in the cold
For the unprepared who enter the kingdom
Seeking treasure buried under her waters
Not knowing her wrath doled out upon their souls

But with each passing break up
A few more linger in the valleys 
Settling in for their durations of hardships
Proving worthy of their promises

With this she rewards them with her riches
And shares her endlessly enduring beauty
Which grows within them more and more
And surrounds them in luxurious furs

Until they are warm and content
And thankful for all she provides
They become her followers of the north
And realize why she sits atop the totems

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Tracker Pack

When questions arise
About this or that
About why or why not
Or how or how not to

The keepers of the flame respond
In offhand ways of truth and reason
Of not how or why not
But of the meanings under the rocks

Under the grasses and duff
Under the layers of gravels and soils
Beneath the roots of the questions
To show another perspective in the deep

That the answers lie down within
Behind the questions themselves
Showing why they are asked in the first place
And where initially they arise from

For what is perspective without a basis
What is a basis without knowing
What is knowing without trials
And what are trials without Doing

One must actually Do
Before an opinion is made
Before a judgment is handed down
Unethically without a trial

The keepers of the flame know this
For they do not shun the truth into ashes
But rather tend to the coals of reason
And build fires to light the way

They travel alone in the wilderness
Walking nameless throughout the valleys
Across the plains and marshes of quagmire
And the deserts of the burning sands

They search out the paths less travelled
That lead to the high mountain rendezvous
Where they gather together in times of need
To blaze the coal into flame

This is the role they play in the game
The knights of the blades of doubt
Who rally in defense of the truth
Like musk oxen when the wolves surround