Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hidden Woodsmen Haversack and the Mother Canteen Carrier Dayhike Kit

Here's a video of an idea for a dayhike kit that I'm currently liking utilizing a Hidden Woodsmen Haversack, a Mother Canteen Carrier from Centerline Systems, and a Condor Dump Pouch, all attached to a Condor Battle Belt.

Mostly this would be used when I'm backpacking as a dayhike kit to hike around and then return to camp. My thought was to take enough stuff with me away from camp to be able to last a few days if something were to go wrong, say surviving a bad fall and not being able to be too mobile. This kit would allow me to set up camp and wait until help would possibly come. The goal is to make it home at any cost. Like they say, better to be prepared eh?

Video gets a little out of focus in the middle, but comes back in eventually. Guess I'm still trying to figure out all this camera work haha. Enjoy

Hidden Woodsmen Haversack

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