Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Simple Day Hike

Last week the wife and I decided we wanted to get away for a few hours and check out this lake that we've never been to. It's sort of a resort lake, but its got a campground that we would stay in. Not really getting away from it all, but more of a family place. Weather was kinda stormy but calm overall. We hiked about 3 miles around the lake, and I never broke a sweat. So I would call that perfect weather.

A calm leisurely stroll. Just taking a break from the real world, and briefly slipped into the forest world. I thought it would be a good opportunity to test out a new pack that I recently picked up. The older model Frost River NW Woodsman Bushcraft/Timber Cruiser Jr. pack I picked up used. It's been well broken in, but still going strong.

Last year I had purchased the Frost River Summit Expedition pack with the intent of using it for overnight and multi day trips.

I think that pack is more in its prime as a daypack because when loaded up with 25 lbs or more, it becomes a little uncomfortable - cutting off the circulation to my arms. I think a sternum strap might alleviate that problem, so I'll try adding one. But that pack was defiantly maxed out. So for a while I've been going back and forth, drooling over which Frost River waxed canvas goodness might work a little better. Originally looking at the Isle Royals, and then thinking long and hard about the Old #7 pack, I settled on the Timber Cruiser Jr. However these packs come with a tump line and I was wanting a sternum strap instead. Then I remembered the NW Woodsman model which had this configuration.

So I loaded it up for the dayhike to try it out. Adjusted the straps so it rode mostly in the small of my back. And not wanting to do an out of the box review, but after a 3 mile hike around the lake, it felt great with no hot spots and no numbness going on. Time and future use will tell if I could recommend this pack for trekking. These packs are designed for portaging with a canoe on your shoulders. Not so much for backpackin' in the Sierras. But I'm gonna do my best to make it work. Canvas and leather. Wax and oil. Wool and cotton. I'm really diggin' this return for me to natural materials.

Lupine and diamonds

Snowplant poppin' up

Incense Cedar and Jeffrey Pine sharing some love

These trees shed puzzle pieces

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