Monday, May 27, 2013

Morning Riverside Reflections

Awoke from the camp before most others today.
An odd camp of sorts.
Not your typical one, but a grand camp none the less.

Sat down on the rocks on the bank of the Kings to bask in the morning sun.
It is a good thing to sit in t-shirt, shorts, and sandals amongst the dust and leaves with a good breeze to keep things clean.
The winds of an oncoming front which sometimes make their appearance around Memorial Day.

Flow is low this time this year.
Fish jumping in front of me like a spring bubbling up to break the glassy surface.
And me without a pole.

Sun blinding off the water.
Much too bright for first thing in the morning, but the cool air keeping me there.
Where's my coffee and kuksa?
Watching the morning feast on the water.
Egrets enjoying theirs too.

Met up with a man last week who makes and sells his own lures.
Met a man yesterday who spent the better part of the first 23 years of his life in Minnesota.
Talked with him of the Boundary Waters and the walleye and the pike.
Talked with another at the same table from Tahoe who seeked out the walleye and kokanee of the deep.
It's good to talk with the fisherman and those which seek the waters' reflections.

A cousin's wedding among the vineyards of Northern California brought the family together two nights ago.
A grand and glorious sight to be seen in it's own right.
There I spoke with another cousin who in the past has talked at much length of casting flys upon Putah Creek.
His three boys of almost six years.
My sister's boy of four and girl of five.
My girl of four, and other young ones from three to twelve of family and friends'.
I do believe it is time to bring them into the fisherman's world.

Time for the planning and gatherings of the fish camp.
Time to enter new worlds together and new beginnings.
Time to flow towards what is simple and pleasant on the banks of waters.
Time for reflections.

Not just from blinding suns and flashing tails, but those of remembrance and sacrifice.
Time to give thanks for all those that made these moments possible.
Time to remember those on this Memorial Day.


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