Friday, May 17, 2013

Simple Life On The Snoqualmie

Glowing colors of the trout
as it lays motionless on the rocks.
Large river gravel of glacier remains.
Round and flat stones polished smooth
from the eons of snowmelt and springs.

Dark forests with overcast and ominous clouds
with fire light off the pinks and golds
and oranges and silvers shimmering off the scales.
Eyes open.
Mouth slightly like a breathing creature that isn't.

Glow coming from the riverside fire with
coffee pot and fry pan waiting to show off.
Cast iron and oil.
Wood and water.
Canvas and leather.
Fire and stones.
Coffee and smoke.
Seasonings and salt.
Potatoes and onions.
Pine and fish and the rain holding off.

Slight breeze cools my face,
but warm under wool and in the soul.

The joys of relaxation.
Work to be and already done.
North America.
The New World.
Simple pleasures.
Colors and textures delighting on the riverside.

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