Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Day at the Range

Headed back to the in-laws this past weekend to play with a few toys. While congress gets set to argue gun laws, we thought we might just take some time to enjoy some 2nd Amendment freedoms.  First we had to stop by the toy store.

Chadillac's newest creation

The road to a friend's shooting range. It was a beautiful day in the live oak woodlands of the foothills.

Some of the toys for the day. From the top down:
Ruger 10/22
Bersa 380 Auto
Springfield Armory 9 mil
Colt 1911
Ruger Mini 14

Cousin Badass with a Plainfield Machine M1 Carbine World War II

Chadillac with the Carbine

Me with the Carbine

Papa Wayne with the 380

Al Bear with the Mini 14

Nicky B. and the New Frontier 50 caliber black powder rifle

With all this firepower, the mountain lions playing in the grass left us alone.

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