Thursday, November 15, 2012

An Old Wolf's Last Journey

If a dog is a man’s best friend, is it possible for it’s cousin the wolf to be a close second? As people that have to deal with the problems wolves cause may have other opinions, it is possible in the case of my buddy and his pet Caine. My two companions on a late August overnight trip to the woods.
Caine has joined us on a couple backpacking adventures, and a few car camping trips, but as we went along this most recent trail, we soon found out this was probably going to be Caine’s last. At 12 years old he was moving along pretty slowly. However, it was still a joy to share the wilds with him again.

Now being an almost pure wolf, the wilds have coursed through Caine’s blood with at times a pretty intense surge. His father was a completely slate gray Timber Wolf, and his mother a snow white Arctic Wolf. Mix those two colors together and you get this-

Caine has always been the wildest of his brothers. Usually keeping his distance, and quickest to let out a howl to shake the timbers, but loving an occasional rub behind the ears as well. Won’t listen to a darned call to heal for nothin'. We have found out the hard way it’s a must that he be on a leash whenever joining us in the woods. I know it seems contradictory to have a wolf leashed up in the wilderness, but trust me that it’s in everybody’s best interests.

So the closest lake to the trailhead it was to be on this trip. However as this had not been our original destination, we had no map to this lake. With the many paths and side trails in this area, the journey up took us a little while longer than expected.


Tomahawk I got from The American Grouch - - helpin' to bring in the night's wood.

However on the way down the next day is where Caine really shined. He led the way and kept us on the right path and refused to go in any other direction but the exact same way we had come up. Talk about a good bushcraft companion. Quick to alert the camp of movement outside of it, and superior trail finding skills.

You will be missed around the campfire old friend. It’s been a pleasure.

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