Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hunter In The Woods

I thought the first post should be one of the reasons this blog is possible. Little Hunter was brought into this world on November 7th.


 And because of him, I have a few days off from work - time to get this blog up and rollin'. Don't worry, I'm not using him as an excuse to ditch out on work. I'm at home helping my wife move around as she currently needs help to even sit up in bed. I guess that's what happens when your bones and tendons begin to go back to their normal positions from being slowly separated over the past 9 months. Not to mention having a 6 inch incision to heal up in your lower abodomen.

So a son is born, and a journal is born as well. Glory, glory to the heavens and stars above ;) And the highest praise to my wife, who went through 9 months of pure hell.......twice, so that we could begin our little family. Severe hyperemisis gravidarum with some intrahypatic cholestasis thrown in as well. If you have children and don't know what those words mean, consider yourself blessed.

Big sister seeing her brother for the first time.

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