Sunday, February 8, 2015

Poison Meadow

Had some time last Sunday to get out to the woods. So I headed up to Poison Meadow in the Sierra National Forest. Beautiful day in the middle of yet another unfortunate dry year here. Drought has still gripped the land shown by the lack of snow here at elevation. But still, got to play with a few sharps, smell the woodsmoke, and enjoy the quiet peace.

By the time I got around to making a fire to brew some tea, it was later in the afternoon. The Super Bowl would be starting soon, and I didn't want to miss too much of it.

So after what seemed like forever trying to use a fire steel and failure after failure.........

........ I used a lighter.....

Coulda used a match. Coulda used flint and steel. Coulda tried a bow drill. But no. I had enough frustration.

Anyways. Made some mistakes. Learned some things. Still had a great time. Still able to write about it. Took some pics. Made a little movie. Made it back before halftime.


Sometimes you need a little help
To start the fire within
To get the tea brewed to quench the thirst
To find peace through the turmoil

Struggles and failures viewed upon the smoke
Their words linger in the air
And breath deeply
Embedding themselves in the moss

Where they come to rest for the long nights ahead
Held in a tangle of green and gold
Quiet in the darkness
Only to emerge as the afternoon sun warms them again

For they are often not the best teacher
With their chains of shame holding down
Poison to flush clean from the mind
Where memory's loss may be the remedy

But on occasion along the meadow's edge
They spark sudden with brilliant illumination
Remembrances of wrongs and the amendings
To right the ways that lead to water

It is ok to make small mistakes
As long as you strive not to repeat them
To learn from them and move on
To laugh at yourself in the winter sun