Monday, February 23, 2015

Jordan Mountain

The sun rises over the crest of the Sierras
Between Jordan Mountain and his mate
Where he has more gravity this time of year
To draw and pull the body towards him

Illuminating her south facing slopes first and foremost
Lifting her to grace the day before him
As the valley between them rejoices in the glory
Of the morning rays flooding the treetops

Two green isles on either side
Rising to meet the day as one
The gurgling brook between them calls the dance
Inundating the tune with quiet rhythm

Before them lay the sequoia belt
Glowing golden rose amongst the pine
Written down like ancient runes upon the rock
Ornaments of efforts united once more

For this is the way of things
The beginnings of the High Sierra
Bold mountains stretched along ridge lines
Reaching for the heavens in all their merriment and unwavering accord

For Chappy and Dee

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