Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Urgent Spring

Back here our hopes and dreams run thin
Usually the greenup is in full swing
But this year's grasses are growing dim
And an urgency has gripped the land

There is but little water
Waiting to be set free from high mountain meadow
No swollen streams testing their banks
No golden dew of the honey drip

This is not the spring
Of the braided-haired river dancer awakening
Jumping to action from her long winter's slumber
As the fiddles harmonize with vigor

This is the down and dirty
Close to the herbs and earth
Deep forest woodworker's shop ramble
Where the dobro wheels with the harp and stomp

We revel in these times
Enjoying while we can
For all too soon summer will be upon us again
And the spanish guitar will sweep solemn tunes into the heat
Pooring forth from the hacienda veranda

The winter rains have missed us again
As the cowboys have missed them as well
Upon barely there hills their cattle roams
To get what they can before it's gone

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