Saturday, March 15, 2014

Standing At The Base Of Glaciers

Standing at the base of glaciers
The low down deep rumble
Of ageless ice grinding with rock
Can be felt more than heard
As the mountain's utterances for mercy
Ring throughout the land

Most of these old frozen ice flows are gone to us
But the ones that remain
Remind us of how our way on this Earth
Is but a glint of light in time's immortality
A flicker of twinkle from starlight in the cosmos
A burst of life in night sky

Old, ancient runes of the North
Life giving fountains of sparkling waters
Sculptured masterworks of marble and jade
Shining crystals of the mountain halls

Carving the great mountain valleys of Valhalla
Ice blue and brilliant white radiance
The ones that shine in our lifetimes
Are rare gems that light the way in darkness

Retreating to their final rest
They soon know peace from their earthly existence
The constant struggle of their lives upon the mountain
Forever grinding against Earth's will

Yes they are alive and thrive as beings
Giants that come out of the North
With Viking Valkyries for their mothers
Emanating resilience from their breastplates
Riding their waves of frigid air and ice
Born of the snows blown upon the mountain

They build strength over time's enduring ways
And if given the chance
Like youths in the villages
They are soon shown the hunt

And like those youths
They and their ancestors will be forced out
But their villages will remain
To remind us of the ways of old

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