Sunday, November 1, 2015

El Nino

We wait
Toiling in this drought
Whirling like the dust on the horizon
Trapped like smoke in a valley
Blowing across the rising sun

We wait for rain to settle
For wind to clear away
For words to lead towards peace
And for a beacon of light in the darkness

We are humbled upon the earth
Fissuring across this land of milk and honey
As the mountains of the setting sun
Rise and tilt closer

Forcing the full measure of their weight upon us
Ridges of high pressure bearing down
With grinding teeth and furrowed brow
And forge hot breath to glow the embers

17 years of drought upon the West
Oceans warming in a seething churn
Sending violent waves upon our shores
The roar of distant drums of the approaching

With heavy loads upon our backs
We travel this lonesome road for no reason known
Listening to the echoes in the swirling wind
For the voice that carries the message home

Resting only to savor what is brought to the table
Full course meals with all the trimmings
Saying grace as the house lights dim
Hushing with anticipation as the curtains begin to open

Thundering words with brilliant lines
Come dancing off the mountainsides
Stepping quickly down the hills
Like welcoming arms outstretched above

A release of tears upon the land
Showing drop soon building upon drop
Starting trickle to form upon trickle
Moving stream to converge upon stream

Life giving waters rain down upon the earth
Filling the reservoirs to tip the scales
Finding the true level to right the balance
While love encircles on the outskirts

El Nino
The Boy
The Christ Child
We wait for His return

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