Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Woodsman's Elixir

When the early spring comes to the North
Before the buds have awakened from winter
And come into their essence unfolded
The guitar twangs its tune's delight

Twinkling on the strings like the rains from the heavens
Harmonizing with elixirs flowing life
As rivers in the sapwood flush their banks
Deep in the mirkwood hollow swamps

The birch guzzle their earthly waters
Drenched in wintergreen flavors coursing through
As the woodsman's taps return the favor
Roaming the glades in shades of nostalgia

And the hand carved kuksa ring and rejoice
Beaming to the brim of their revelry
As the tree frogs echo their joy in the harvest
Keeping time to the drip pot stomp

Inspired by Alex Yerks' latest pics and instructional movie on how to tap a birch tree the old fashioned way.
Pics and movie used with his permission. Thanks Alex.


  1. It is so cool and an honor to see this here. I had hoped others would use the film as a tool to learn something new and appreciate yet another great use of the mighty birch. But then you took it to the next level. Somehow you were able to take what I have put into film & music and organise it into stanza form...almost like a song. Something I've always wished I could do. I can play music but writing words that dance with the music is hard for me.

    This is great, thank you for always supporting what I am all about. This made me see myself and what I do from another man's shoes and you don't really have that opportunity everyday.

    Cheers my friend, it was my birthday on the 12th and this is a great gift. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. You got it! As we continue to move forwards into the future of new ideas, revelations, trends, styles, etc. on and on, it's also good to look into the well of the past and enjoy what has come before us. You have helped fill that well, so I thank you as......well ;)

  3. I really enjoyed this video! It was well organized, informative, and very well done.

    When I was in elementary school on the East Coast, we tapped maple trees on the school's property. This video rekindled my interest in harvesting sap. I live on the West Coast now and am unfamiliar with the trees that might be good candidates. I suspect Big Leaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum) might be a good choice.

    Thanks, again, for posting the video.

    - Steve

  4. Thanks Steve. I'm not sure what trees out here could be tapped. Alder maybe. Walnut? Looks like more investigation is needed. Timing is important too so maybe it's too late for this year?

  5. Yes, it is probably too late at my location. But it gives me a year to plan. :)

    - Steve