Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Tracker Pack

When questions arise
About this or that
About why or why not
Or how or how not to

The keepers of the flame respond
In offhand ways of truth and reason
Of not how or why not
But of the meanings under the rocks

Under the grasses and duff
Under the layers of gravels and soils
Beneath the roots of the questions
To show another perspective in the deep

That the answers lie down within
Behind the questions themselves
Showing why they are asked in the first place
And where initially they arise from

For what is perspective without a basis
What is a basis without knowing
What is knowing without trials
And what are trials without Doing

One must actually Do
Before an opinion is made
Before a judgment is handed down
Unethically without a trial

The keepers of the flame know this
For they do not shun the truth into ashes
But rather tend to the coals of reason
And build fires to light the way

They travel alone in the wilderness
Walking nameless throughout the valleys
Across the plains and marshes of quagmire
And the deserts of the burning sands

They search out the paths less travelled
That lead to the high mountain rendezvous
Where they gather together in times of need
To blaze the coal into flame

This is the role they play in the game
The knights of the blades of doubt
Who rally in defense of the truth
Like musk oxen when the wolves surround