Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cache Creek Rendezvous Part II

Manzanita buck saw thanks to Mahaney and Rubicon. It's all about the Y

Council Tool boys axe and MP Knives/Alex Yerkes colaboration hatchet workin’ the wood pile

Set up a tripod for the center tab guy out for the second night.

The Rubicon Spoon

The adventure of Tip and the Golden Tarp

Cubby’s mini-Tracker. That thing is impressive! Might need to pick one of those up.

Bannock action

Reflector and fire

Loogaroo sporting the latest fashion in non-bloody pants leg diddy bag. Get em while their hot!

Can't say enough about the good times that were had at this rendezvous in the hills. If you have a chance to get together with others, it's a great way to learn and share ideas about bushcraft.

Some things I learned last weekend were that an improvised woods buck saw is gonna come apart on ya sometime during its use, and maybe often. So you've got to be willing to keep putting it back together

Just because you've gotten some smoke and embers from spinnin' the bowdrill, doesn't mean it's gonna produce a usable coal. Wind and moisture in the wood dust are things to factor.

The Tracker and Mini-Tracker are shavings machines!

No alcohol or neosporin on deep wounds. I figured they go hand in hand. But alcohol will kill the nerve endings in your skin and prohibit healing, while antibiotic ointments aren't meant to get into your bloodstream. Skin cuts and burns ok, not deep wounds. I definatly need to upgrade my skills on wound care. And maybe a few different sizes steri-strips in my FAK.

The never ending gathering of ideas and pros and cons of going ultralite.

Hammock setups. Amazing all the ideas. Consensus on the hammock tree strap thingys don't work as well as paracord.

Tarp configurations. All different kinds in camp. Just look at Claimjumper's poncho setup. Like a spiderweb!

Don't bring so much bacon! Yes you can bring too much.

And too much gear talk to list. Loved it.

Thanks again guys. Wonderful time.

Oh yea. Canadian Jam Knot. Best ratcheting tight knot in the business!

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