Thursday, August 1, 2013

Swede Lake '08


Old friends long lost but now again found
Cross paths in the wilds as the winds point the way
Catch up on old times and what's happened since
And cast a few lines in deep shaded pools

We sit by the fire and gaze
At the flames that flicker and fan
Soft pine that sparks and the coals that glow
And the ashes that remain from times gone by

The packable skillets and aluminum pots
That sizzle and bubble with the essence of the heavens
The kick of a log and the stoke with a stick
Sends sparks towards the sky to join their starry brethren

Gazing at their depths with squinted eyes
Searching the wonders that lie beyond their shine
The lodgepole that make up the walls around
That glow in the firelight providing a sense of home

And how we've returned to a place deep down within
Slight edges of cold on the back remind of where we've been
To be here now all present and aware
Alive as the shaman dances upon the flame

We listen to stories told of long ago
As the words soak in and absorb
We feel their power as they transform
And allow the wilds to roam free within our souls

The reflections of the moon off of the lake
That shimmer and quake with anticipation in the tranquility
The cool winds that blow upon our backs
Push us towards the future and over the hills

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