Thursday, May 18, 2017

Above the Valley of the Wolves

When I first met him
I could see strength and perseverance
And as is the way of things
We threw him to the wolves
Now seeking their prey in the foothills

And we watched him run with them under the clouds
Roll through the oats and oaks
Footfalls quickly striking the stones of the creekbeds
As the waters cascaded towards the valley

Through this he never faltered
He never slowed his pace
But kept up with the beasts
As they snarled and clacked jaws
Towards the beams of sunlight
Shining bright above the shadows

I even saw him pull ahead at times
Saw him clamber up above me
To the outcrops of rimrock on the ridges
Resting for a bit in the warmth
Until the pack caught up with him

I found it an honor to see him run on the mesa tops
So fast as if his feet never touched the dust and gravel
Watched his wings grow from his back
And carry him away over the canyons
He had known all too well

For Richard
I still see your face smiling, shining in the sun

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Alta Meadow

I finally got around to finishing the video for this overnighter in Sequoia National Park back in August haha. It took me a while to figure out which direction to go with it. In the end, I chose to turn up the dramatic meter quite a bit :) so enjoy!

The dust from harvest I leave behind
And smoke from all surrounding hill
For lofty meadows to clear the mind
And building storms to slightly chill

My journey begins in a woolly wood
Through forests deep in shadow dark
Where stream side clearings long I stood
In glory of each vibrant park

Oh how the mountain air so clean
Is needed now within my chest
And resting here on steep serene
Under this ruck my heaving breast

I make my humble traveler's home
Tucked away with hearth and fire
Where deer are likely apt to roam
With stars to ease and help retire

For in the morn with water clear
I'll look to gain the lands beyond
And make them ever oh so near
Like reflecting back upon a pond

As rock faces rise and water falls
And the path winds round its way
To sights of grand Valhalla's halls
Forever long I'm here to stay

Fair meadow stretching to the sky
To thunder clouds and tufted hair
With granite dust sparkle the eye
And flowers enough to hold one there

Bewilderment the entrancing tune
Of mountain and sky and field and tree
Tranquil as the boulders strewn
At rest at last below the scree

Rains fall as scattered notes
Cooling the face flushed and red
Quenching the lilies among the oats
Who's beauty quiets like words unsaid