Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paradise Creek

One day
Long ago
Three old friends
Went to the snow

Up the creek
Called Paradise
But what we found
Was not as nice

Winter's beauty
Was all around
A little snow
Upon the ground

No ticks that stick
No rattling snakes
Just soft and fluffy
White snow flakes

No poison oak
No black bear
No worries neither
No not a care

Up the hill
Of broken dreams
Through swiftly flowing
Shallow streams

Up high until
One got cold
Feet too wet
From winter's hold

Not me mind you
I came prepared
With winter boots
My feet were spared

For I've had trouble
With this creek
From snakes and ticks
That creep and sneak

Every ten steps
Ten ticks to brush
Not now though
In winter's crush

Must build a fire
Right now and here
To warm the toes
To shed the fear

For feet too cold
Won't go too far
Won't make it back
To the car

We gather twigs
We gather sticks
One small fire
For feet of bricks

Feeling returns
No more numb toes
Warm hearts and souls
And sniffy nose

Away we go
We're outta here
Never to return
To this creek of fear

But after a while
By no luck's stroke
Turns out I got
Some poison oak!

Beneath my gloves
Upon my wrist
The devil's wrath
Sure did exist

Right there I vowed
Never to return
For fear my skin
Would puss and burn

Or tick disease
Or even worse
A snake's venom
The devil's curse

No I will not go
Even with snow and ice
Up that Hell creek
Named Paradise

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