Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bear Creek and the Hidden Peaks

Photos from October 2010

What was once sprang forth
Is now wanted back
As the Earth holds on dearly
Forever calling to return

She has asked for help
From brother moon and her planet friends
And from waters and winds
That are the means

She yearns for tinder for the flames
Of her lakeside campsite sanctuary
To bask in the glow
And warm her soul

The charging hooves that ride the clouds
And shallow pools and lodgepole roots
Do all they can to loose the grips
As the bent granite now breaks

From jumbled blocks and mountain tops
Into the air and streams
They hitch along their crooked steps
Smelling the roses along the way

Return the dust unto the seas
To be brought back through the cracks
The shiftings of the sands of time
Turn to stone again


  1. Incredible photos as always. I enjoyed the poem as well.

    1. Thanks Corey!
      Been enjoying your write ups and reports as well.