Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I've got gold here in my pocket
Warm, soft, smooth
Mellow gold of sunsets in the fall

A blessing to know it's there
To be used or passed on
It's fate unknown

But now safe as a cuddled baby
Smiling in fuzzy blankets
Rich to the heart

For a nugget is much nicer
Than a palmful of dust
That eventually falls through
Cracks in the boomtown saloon floorboards
Spilling forth from the slighted hand of madness
As the rays of sunrise over the Sierras
Pierce through silver cloud gaps
Casting light across the fruited valleys

I bet this nugget would make
A good skipping stone on the waters
At mountain's foot
Cast across bounding as the sun's rays

Just found it lying there anyways
Gleaming in the creek's gravelly ford

And just look at the magnificient
Ripples on the water that shine
Brilliant sparkling reflections of gold
That grow until touching others
Ringing with joyous bells
Blending harmonies of beaming light

Yes much better than that
Precious in my pocket
It was just sitting there anyways
Warm and protected
But just sitting there none the less

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