Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mehrten Creek

A rustling of leaves
Tinkling and trickling over
Dry and toned from the Live Oaks
Pile on top of each other
Upon soft Earth between the rocks
While the Sugar Pine needles
Remain where they like

Dusk begins its darkening ways
Mists roll through
Obscuring the canyon slopes
The air chills unexpectedly
Uninvited arrangements amongst the bite
Springtime at 4,500

This'll have to do
There's water here
A fine easy flow
Canyon walls that ease away
May not leave us too exposed
It's settled then

To hunker down amongst the boulders
Tent is set and tarps are taut
Branches and brambles set the wall
Not as planned but it'll do
A fine set against the flurries
Which intend to chill and divide

The wood is gathered
Resting within and sheltered
Sleeping pads and bags inside
Luxurious now as rabbit fur rugs
A palace waiting for final touches
With just enough room for two and gear

A spark, an ember
The tinder goes aflame
Branches pop as the fire engulfs
The warmth eases in slowly
But soon runs throughout
The humble abode turns royal
Basking in the glow

Snows through the night
But soft with heavy flakes
Unexpected this time this spring
As is their way
Creep up and persist

Awake the next morning
With half a foot on the ground
Still dumping but something strange
Snowing but relatively warm out
Piling up and melting together
Remaining half a foot all day
No more no less
Just constant and not so bad
Shows the tracks of the bobcat
That stole the bread

Right then the course is set
To stay another night
And thrive against the freeze
Stand up and hunker down
Any way to weather the storms
And enjoy the time together

Morning of the third day
Still half a foot that greets
Blue skies that smile
Twinkling eyes through the oak and pine
Hot coffee and warm breakfast
Shed the snow and pack up
And leave this frosty delight behind
Put out the fire we're headed home

To the one who weathers the storms with me
And here's to many more sunny mornings
Happy Anniversary Baby

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