Monday, July 8, 2013

Midsummer Lakeside Musings

Heatwaves dancing and applauding above the horizons.
Forces of nature strong enough to levitate and gather to influence flight paths and gliding of wings.

Crows stand in tall grass and tree limbs with mouths open to perspire their hot breath.
Doves spread their wings to ventilate on fence posts sweating in a way.
Some search for any puddle available.
Runoff from a garden hose.
Pools gathering beneath a dripping faucet.
Too hot for dust baths.
Chirps and squawks diminish with the sun's increase.
Why not fly to catch a cool breeze?
At least they have the possibilities to find one.

There is a buzz that lingers in the air.
Not from insects.
More of a hum of stagnation like a smoke filled room.
But all only appears still.
Vapors are fast at work escaping to swirl as they can.

It had been a mild summer as far as the heatwaves were concerned.
Seventies in late May and only a couple days above 100 in early June.
Until summer finally arrived.
A week straight of at least 105 to melt the mild.
At least it's a dry heat.
Touches of humidity at the fringes, but not like the South.
Not like the East and the Tropics.

So as do birds, we flock to the water's sweet coolings.
Sweetness crisper than any marble fountain of Mt. Olympus spewing forth pure to cool the ancient goddesses.
Great migrations upwards to the mountain streams and the calming lakes of the woods.
To seek the shade and to soak the bones.
And to let the pores fill with rejuvenation.

With parents and children, in-laws and friends.
Together we seek the satisfaction of all-natural relief from summer's clenched fist.
Still blazing hot a mile high.
To shiver with purple lips and goosebumps is a pleasure these days as the waters wrap you in luxury.
Only then does the sun become a welcoming fire.

Gear Explosion!

Hunter napping under Multi-cam

Wren Peak, Mt. Harrington, and some Tehipite Valley Domes