Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Video from Alex Yerks

Well folks he's done it again. Alex's videos seem to get better and better as he goes along. His latest one has a little insight into his kuksa making magic. Truly hot stuff in this one!

Whether it's movie makin', professional photography, professional music makin', or treen carvin' with Scandinavian made tools, Alex's art work is drenched with nostalgia. Dude's puttin' out some serious North Americana Art on a weekly basis folks. Check out his website for more of his art, or to order some handmade treenware.

So without further delay, Alex's Axe Carving & Treen:


  1. Thank you so much for showcasing my work. Very nice to hear such great words!

    May the treen revolution live on! 8)

    1. No problem. By the way, I've had Operator stuck in my head since the first time I watched this! Not a bad problem to have ;)