Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Stiff breeze today
Good, clean, all day long wind of change
Brings good tidings on the air
News of substance and worth

Lovesongs upon the windsong
Rhythmic claps of helping hands
To rattle the ridges
And whistle the pines
Harmony to purify the mind

Kind prescriptions for good health
To chase away the cough and congestion
That settles in over time
Across the land and open pores of lungs
In stagnant air left to clog at will

Finally not gonna hit the nineties
Except when caught outside the shade
Found exposed between the oaks
Not seen that in nearly 3 months

Fiery heat beaming from above
With direct intentions of life giving warmth
And life taking dryness permeating through
Smiles and eases gently turning away

Offering a slight repose
By leaning against the wall
And shrugging with indifference
Basking in this summer's trophy hall

This breeze brings new renewals
Autumnal waftings of the not far off
Fresh rain on the dust and dirt
Baked apples and cinnamon
Coffee upon the campfire smoke among the damp leaves
A little sugar to stir the soul

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