Monday, September 30, 2013

Herring Creek Fall Rendezvous Part I

Cool in the glowing shade
Of the sun blessed trembling aspen groves
Most still green sleeved
But soon to turn

Slight breeze blows
Across recently fallen snow drifts
Lingering and hanging on
Against the fading summer
In rimrock ledges of ancient volcanoes
With greetings of joy
And the good tidings to soon come

Low sun and long shadows
Hang around longer these days
Creating atmospheres and longings to join them


Asking quietly to gather together
From near and far
To enjoy harvests
And build blazes against the oncoming cold
And relish in the relaxation of the night
As the long awaited preparations are done

Let the hours of play
Wash away the toils
As the long shadows welcome you in

Northern and Southern California Bushcrafters gathered together at Herring Creek below Sonora Pass this weekend. 17 or something like that members of Bushcraft USA showed up. It was a pleasure to see familiar faces again and to meet new ones. Thanks to everyone for the good times.

Who needs figure four deadfall when you've got Barbie booby trap quicksand?


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