Monday, September 23, 2013

For a Moment Far Above

The glint of light in the eye
That flashes eagle's mind
Soon as he crests the mountain ridge
Granite spired and jumbled blocked

The wind that fans
Through eagle's feathers
Cool thrust driving throughout
As he wheels and banks towards Tamarack Lake

Gliding low over the marsh land meadow
Now muted but still green with life
From the new autumn melding
With summer's fading grace

Small ribbon of a stream
Meandering its way through the marsh
Now directly under eagle
His reflection keen on the glassy surface

When sudden burst of wing
As the stream abruptly falls
Sending thousands of crystal sun reflections
Tinkling softly ringing towards the ripples upon the lake

Over the mistings and splashings
Rejoicing in the glory of far falling waters
Eagle crests the cliff
With a swift sweep of tail feathers
Climbs sharply as the lake now lies below
Higher up then stalls far above

And time stands still
For in that stalled moment he judges
Wind, trajectory, depth, health
Reading the instantaneous signs

Electric flashes in his mind
Connect and bursts consciousness
Of the nourishing rainbow under lake's surface
He lives for this moment
And he thrives

Today the world welcomes Liam
My sister's boy
May your spirit soar with eagle
And may the moment spark within

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