Saturday, May 2, 2015

Range Day At Englishman Ridge

An English friend of ours had his family from the old country in town. He was nice enough to invite us along for a day at his range. They tell me that in England it is hard to get a permit to actually own a gun. And if you get that permit, you have to keep your gun at the gun club and can only shoot it there or if you are hunting. So not to get into the politics of things, we thought we would just show them a good time at the range. I can fairly say we all enjoyed every minute of it.

Do ya feel lucky punk?....... Well, do ya?

Ruger 44 Magnum

Marlin 30-30       Savage win 270       Marlin Greenfield 22

Ruger 10-22

Three brothers enjoying a moment

Wayne and his Winchester 30-30

James and his newly built AR 15 firing for the first time

Mark and an M-16

Adventure Sworn getting' in on the action

Yours Truly with Josh's AR and iron sights. I enjoyed this gun the most.

Oh bloody 'ell......

Afterwards, went back to Munkle's Garage to see what the boys were workin' on.

Barrel-rider and the '62 Comet

And of course, Lil' Sleepy

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