Thursday, May 14, 2015

A High Sierra Trail Dayhike

5 falls ring round Valhalla's cirque
Whose thunder booms above the murk
Where path winds through the rock and wood
Which I traveled as if berserk

For this hall must be understood
Viewed from afar the best I could
And turned around outside its walls
One day's travel too far for good

Gifts bestowed from Valkyrie calls
Whose runes spoken above the squalls
That tell of lands to rightly roam
Free from the warrior's swinging mauls

Before granite waves rise and foam
I must return before night's gloam
And miles to go before I'm home
And miles to go before I'm home

Czech rucksack

Moro Rock resting above Three Rivers and beyond

The Great Western Divide

Upper range of the Black Oak - Quercus kelloggii

Western Wallflower - Erysimum capitatum

Mountain Misery - Chamaebatia foliolosa

Mehrten Creek

Mehrten Creek


Same photo as above. Just later on the return trip.

Castle Rocks above the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River

Buck Creek Canyon

Fivespot - Nemophila maculata

Torrey's Blue-Eyed Mary - Collinsia torreyi

Western Blue-Bellied Fence Lizard - Tantilla hobartsmithi

Alta Peak

Cliff Creek and Glacier Pass


  1. What an amazing country!!
    Absolutely wonderful!
    Although I'd've liked to see the images as they were for real.