Monday, October 28, 2013

Time Once Again

Awaken with the nip of frost on the nose
The warm blankets make you stay awhile
And ponder baked bread and apples
Sugar glaze coated to keep the heat
Hot soup in a mug - 'Nuff said

The first rays of the morning sun
Silently take the crystals from the frozen dew
And warms the mushroom's amber ooze
On new fairae ring outcroppings

The rustling of leaves
Across the sodden must soaked earth
Deepens the woods in orange brown rolling waves
The growing scents of woodsmoke
Blend the room note and mingle
In large expanses of clean chilled air

The hatchet gleams in the woodpile
And waits to be buried deep in the grain
Time to forgive summer for bearing down
Time to take the beating rain
Upon the back with delight
Time to let the light
Shed in beams through gray clouds

Time to let new eyes
Gaze upon the world in autumn's grace
Time for children to play among the corn fields
While the scarecrows gossip of warnings to all

Time has come again
And turned the harvest pumpkin to the vine
And turned the woodchuck
To his humble shelter amongst the pine
Where he'll stay buried
Wrapped in luxuriant furs for as long as time allows

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