Thursday, October 10, 2013

Slow Cookin'

Need to slow down more often
Slow the thoughts
And calm the mind

Saunter along the wood's game trails
Sit and listen
To the mossed glade's soft lullaby's
To the lakeside waves
Lapping the shoreline

Well fed, well rested
Well of rejuvenation bubbling up
Slowly from within at a slow roll
Of releasing heat stress

Good to slow down here and there
Here in the kitchen table sunlight
And there under the pines and blue sky

Slow down to the water's edge
Trickling spring high on the mountainside
Cool clean water
Easing out of it's rocky casings

Drink it's liquid
In the morning first thing
As the sun rises from down canyon

New Silver Fir cones
Glowing emerald sheen in the morning dew
Slow like the oozing sap
That shimmers at it's own pace

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