Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cache Creek Rendezvous Part I

A few fellow Northern California Bushcrafters got together just downstream of Clear Lake last weekend. It was a great time had by all I believe. 3 mile hike in to the beautiful Baton Flat area alongside Cache Creek. We had a little bow drill action. A little fun with a manzanita buck saw and some axes. A bush chair turned trauma center after a sneaky ninja zombie attack! Spoon carvin’ and bannock bakin’. Bacon, bacon, and bacon. Spam and steaks. Smack talkin’ but mostly gear talk. And I seen what a bunch of new friends can accomplish when the time for need arises. It was awesome!

Cubby made a video of the trip. If you click on the movie title in the box down below, it will take you to youtube where you can see it better. Watch it in at least 360p for the quality. I know, technicalities.......

So on to the pics…..

Everyone was already at camp when FlyingLow and I met in the parking lot at the trailhead. The hike in.

We were greeted by smiles and this!

First night withstanding the winds.


Didn’t get a pic of FlyingLow’s new ATACS tarp since he had to leave early, but it was a beaut!

Casa de Cubby

Mahaney’s gold and Loogaroo’s new rig

Rubicon Dave’s


Justin Baker's. Though it's been said he just sets them up and then doesn't sleep under them. Preferring the stars for a roof.



Here’s mine. A BCUSA Gen 2 10x7. I’ve been trying to set it up using one pole. We were all in agreement the winds were gusting up to 35 mph that night. It was quite a show. Luckily the wind pretty much rolled right over the top of the tarps.

The camp from a distance

Cattails sure light up quick thanks to a Keyser Soze firesteel!

Spin It!


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