Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pullin' the Pulk

Went up to the snow to try out the kiddie sled converted to a pulk. I just drilled some holes & laced it up like a boot with some paracord. Carabiners on front and back with a nylon strap from an older camera.

Strap system worked well & the sled pulled good through the wet snow.

The destination for today was to find a winter camp spot. This was only a day trip for discovery though.

Found a nice rock to act as a reflector for the fire. Put a couple tarps up. Didn't get them too taut, but not an overnighter so it didn't matter any.

Just a quick fire thrown together. Dry pine needles sure helped to keep it alive.

Pullin' the pulk was much better than a heavy backpack. Brought along some almond wood for the fire too. Try carrying that in your pack

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