Friday, April 25, 2014

The Land of the Ahwahnechee

Why journey to the meadows
Why gather in the groves
Why commune along the water's edge
Why read the etchings in the rock

Why study the ways of old
And teach the younger ones of times gone by
Why listen to the voices on the wind
Why bushcraft

Why do these elements call to us
Why draw us nearer with each passing snowmelt
Why spark the embers within our hearts
And stoke the fires within their rings

Brother winds and Sister waters
Blow across the rock of their Mother
Tiny droplets gather together
With grains of dust and alluvium
To form the soils of generations

Reeds and grasses sink deep roots here
Congregate and grow together
Twist and twine their way around
Interwoven in their very being
Vessels of life to hold the future

Their seeds spread with the wind's breath
And without going down certain trails
Nor following paths of oils encasing
But rather flowing with waters
In stony stream bed courses
They bury themselves in the banks
That the currents have undercut

Above them the distant thunder rumbles
And the mountains quake and give way
Peeling back layers to the core
Of truths being exposed to the light

As the lightening calls to them
To let their voices join the thunder
Reverberating off the walls that surround
To stir the waters and quicken the pulse

So that given time
They may wash over and smooth
The past's jagged edges
Of freshly fallen boulders in the stream beds


  1. I really like the shot of Upper Yosemite Falls from the valley!

    Where are the reconstructions of the dwellings and sweat lodge? I don't recall ever seeing them.

    - Steve

  2. Thanks. That's a roundhouse they use for ceremonies. The recreated village is right behind the museum. The Ahwahneechee and Miwok are trying to build a village of their own just west of camp 4 but building is delayed with codes and permits and all.